Popinasia is an online magazine –such called portal– which covers the likes of Asian pop music includes the big three sections; K-pop, J-pop and Indo-pop and not to renounce the other popular section such as technology, gadget, video games, anime, movies, tv shows, lifestyle, fashion and culinary. As to simplify the words of our mission: “We cover the latest pop news inside the scope of Asia continent, to the fullest.”

 Popinasia’s coverage: Idols, singers, girl groups, boy groups, bands, communities, event and concert reports, album reviews, spot reviews, artist interviews, gadget and tech news, anime news, K-pop, J-pop, Indo-pop, K-drama, dorama, TV shows, fashion, culture, and culinary.

 Popinasia founded in March 9th 2014 in partnership with PT Codeland Pijar Utama.